some serendipity...

One of my youthful diversions was to randomly select a volume of the encyclopedia, open it blindly and begin to browse. This was well before the web or even the internet existed. Today I sometimes recreate this by clicking the "random article" link on Wikipedia. I occasionally stumble across what I consider to be a rare and precious nugget and will then post it here. Your mileage may vary...

  1. Adamites
  2. American lobster
  3. Beam bridge
  4. Boeotian helmet
  5. Catchfools
  6. El Infiernito
  7. Empress Dowager Du
  8. False cleanerfish
  9. Floral Games
  10. Ili-ippasra
  11. List of shipwrecks in January 1826
  12. Jupiter Dolichenus
  13. Nymphea
  14. Photohydrogen
  15. Prospecting for Gold
  16. Quilts of Gee's Bend
  17. Riasg Buidhe Cross
  18. Sans-Pareil-class ship of the line
  19. Secretum (British Museum)
  20. Sunday shopping
  21. Valenti Serra de Manresa